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Let me start by saying Dr. Sam has touched my family’s lives in many ways. My family has been his patients since he started his career. I, a survivor of a severe car crash, became his patient when he took over my chiropractor’s office. He has helped me with many of the consequences of a rear-end car crash. I am so thankful I found Dr. Sam and he has been able to help me feel good and live with much less pain. Because of my positive experiences, when my children needed a chiropractor I knew where to take them. Through the years my children started to see him as patients. I could honestly write a book on how thankful I am for what Dr. Sam has done for my family and I, but I am just going to highlight the main, amazing situations which Dr. Sam was/is an integral part of my children’s recovery and well-being.

My daughter was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type III, a genetic connective tissue disorder. Dr. Sam has been a life-saver for her. He has helped relieve the pain, stabilize joints, and most importantly educate her on how to strength her body to help stabilize her joints. He has been there for her way more extensively than just the office hours posted on the door. He has researched and educated himself on how to best care for her. He definitely has gone above and beyond to help her be as healthy as possible. He, along with her other medical team doctors, have helped her become a strong college volleyball player that no longer needs sully braces to hold her shoulders in place. She drives back home 3 hours to have Dr. Sam adjust her because it is worth it!

On September 6, 2017 my 15 year old son got hurt in football. He lost all use of his right leg from the hip down to his toes. The first stop was the ER, where they immobilized his knee, tried to control his pain, and sent us home saying to make an appointment with a specialist. We did just that. Long story short, 3 orthopedic doctors, one back specialist, 8 hours in a brain trauma clinic, and 2 ½ months of being bed-ridden and in so much pain he thought he was going to lose his mind, all the imaging of the entire leg had been completed so Dr. Sam would take a look. Within a few minutes, Dr. Sam says well I can help you but the adjustment might hurt a bit. My son responded, well let’s do it can’t be any worse than the pain I have constantly.  The adjustment was done and within 20 minutes my son was able to take a “Joe” step. See, my son is 6’ 6” and about 275 pounds. Since the accident he was using crutches and only able to shuffle is right leg. Within minutes of the adjustment he was able to take a stride when walking. Within the next week, he was on the basketball court with limited playing time. Dr. Sam has worked with Joe diligently and Joe is recovering well. However, throughout this recovery there have been many times when Joe’s leg just quit working or the pain instantly re-appeared. Dr. Sam was just a phone call away and if he was able to he met us at the clinic and adjusted Joe. He took time out of his life to make sure Joe had what he needed. I am convinced Joe would not have the use of his leg today if it weren’t for Dr. Sam. He didn’t give up and he found the root of the problem and worked to fix it.

Dr. Sam and his entire team are amazing people. They truly put the patient’s well-being first and work well with schedules and individual patient’s needs. I would recommended Dr. Sam to any and all people that are looking for genuine chiropractic care.


Tammy Olson