Are You Suffering From Scoliosis?

Are you suffering from scoliosis? Generally, scoliosis starts as a slight curve in the spine that slowly grows over the time. It is diagnosed with a ten or more degree curve in the spine to the right or left when a patient is facing the examiner. Once advanced to more extreme stages of scoliosis, it can lead to severe health consequences. 

Let us learn in brief as to how scoliosis develops and affects a person’s health. We will also learn the ways to identify it and how Chiropractic care can help revert its effect on the body, bringing you good health.

Scoliosis, Medford Chiropractic


Scoliosis refers to a bend or curve in the otherwise vertical spine. The exact source of the curve is often difficult to trace. Initially, the bend may be small caused by a simple misalignment of single vertebrae, but over the period the musculature starts building up that continuously pulls the spine into lateral curves to make sure that the head remains level.

Postural issues, degenerative diseases, and traumatic accidents can be some of the causes of this misalignment. Although the majority of scoliosis cases develop at the time of rapid growth by the body, especially at the age of 10-12, it can develop in older adults too, mainly because of degenerative disorders like osteoporosis.

What are the Consequences of Scoliosis?

If scoliosis and its cause go untreated, it can lead to severe, long-term damage. Scoliosis is related to the pain in back, neck, shoulder, and buttocks, and is often linked with sciatica. In extreme cases, it can even lead to painful menstruation, physical disability and reduced capacity of lung and heart.

How is Scoliosis Identified?

Scoliosis is often first noticed by either the parents or someone close to the person with scoliosis, as the shoulders and pelvis do not appear level. A physical examination can help assess the same and is then accompanied by visual and manual examinations to measure the exact curvature of the spine.

A test is known as “Adams Position Test,” helps indicate the issue, if any. This test requires the patient to bend forward as far as they can. If there is a visible curvature, an X-ray is used to determine its extent.

Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis

A professional chiropractor can help you treat Scoliosis. He will first thoroughly examine the condition to determine the presence of Scoliosis and then perform a complete health history check so as to identify the source of scoliosis. This assessment will help determine the suitable treatment for the patient.

The Chiropractors take a gentle and conservative approach to treatment and perform detailed spinal adjustments to reverse the body’s compensations, which aids in restoring the spine health.

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