Are You Suffering From Neck Pain?

A neck pain is really the 'pain in the neck,' and you realize it only when you experience it yourself. The simplest of your movements involving the neck, head, arms, shoulders, and back becomes awful, leading to a headache and trouble using your body. The immovability caused by neck pain can weaken the muscles and degenerate them over time.

For an effective short-term as well as long-term treatment, it is very crucial to understand the right cause of your neck pain. Let us try to understand the various causes of neck pain and how Medford chiropractic treatment can better treat it than the conventional therapies.

Neck pain, Chiropractic in Medford

Neck Pain

Although the neck is comparatively a small area of your body, you just can’t underestimate its importance.

Some of the most prominent reasons for neck pain are:

•    Abnormalities in the bone structure
•    Joint issues
•    Muscle strains and pulls
•    Poor posture
•    Repetitive stress
•    Sleeping position
•    Trauma, such as whiplash

Majority of the above issues are either the result of, or impact the spine alignment. With the muscles in the neck going into spasm, the spine gets misaligned which in turn irritates the nerves, leading to further tension and other systemic problems. 

Since spinal column has the root of every nerve in the body, issues having their source at the neck can majorly affect other systems throughout the body. Most of the people have the notion that the spinal problems will themselves wither over the period and thus, let them go untreated. In some cases, it does go away but the misalignment that caused the problem persists. Thus, when that area becomes aggravated, the pain returns and if not treated in time, can be a serious issue.

Conventional vs. Holistic Treatments

Generally, what people do is that they use prescription or over the counter medications to deal with this neck pain but not only this leads to side-effects, it doesn’t address the main issue underlying the problem. Over the years, Massage Therapy has gain popularity, which can help relieve some muscle tightness. However, if the problem lies in the bones or joints, it will still remain.

Chiropractic treatment is a holistic practice addressing the structural cause that leads to the most of the neck pain. Chiropractors asses the issue in detail to rule out the possibility of any other issue causing this neck pain and develop a recovery plan only after they find the exact source of the issue. Mild adjustments to the spine can lead to instant relief to the neck.

If you are looking for the best Chiropractor to bring an end to this deadly neck pain, call our team at Borealis Wellness Clinic in Medford and set up a consultation today.