Are you Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

Is there anything more painful than chronic back pain? Well, almost everyone, at some part of their life, has experienced one or the other form of back pain. Whatever the degree of pain is, acute or chronic, slightly irritating or completely crippling, it shouldn’t exist at all. In extreme conditions, it becomes really difficult to live along with this pain. Let us understand the symptoms of lower back pain and how chiropractic treatment can help you get rid of this pain.

Chronic Back Pain, Chiropractor in Medford


Our back covers a major area of our body and is comprised of various ligaments, disc, tendon, muscles, and bones. A proper knowledge of each of these parts can help locate and address the source of the pain. 

Please note that this is just a general guideline and shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for medical assistance. Please do seek a professional opinion to properly diagnose these issues.

If you are wondering where to get a professional opinion from, you need not worry.  One of the best Chiropractors in Medford, Dr. Sam, is right there for you.


Both the conditions, Disc bulges and Herniation, occur because of the damage of the outer edges of the discs located between the vertebrae. As a result, the jelly-like center bulges or pushes out. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue and is often painful. However, there are people who don’t even feel anything at all. Those who experience pain, its intensity and severity totally depend upon the type and position of herniation. If the damaged disc is irritating a surrounding nerve, the patient experiences severe pain along with weakness in the legs.

Thus, it is crucial to promptly identify and treat the issue before it could lead to further damage. Contact a professional chiropractor to assess your back and determine the extent of the issue. 


Subluxation basically refers to the misalignment in the vertebral column. This can be caused by an array of causes that include physical stress, trauma, and toxins. It is often quite painful and can disrupt normal movement. Chiropractors can help you with adequate training to identify and correct subluxation using non-invasive adjustment techniques.


Sprains and strains usually occur either accidentally or by forcing the body to do something which it is not used to doing. Stretching beyond your own limits or lifting while twisting is the common cause of sprains and strains. These can be very painful and are often accompanied by swelling and bruising in the surrounding area.


Is there any part of the body that is not affected by chronic stress? Well, the answer is no. The stress hormones released can lead to hypertension or muscle spasms, resulting in back pain. This hypertension will often add in to trigger point which can be extremely painful and require professional attention to resolve.


Health conditions like arthritis, kidney stones, obesity, and UTIs are known to lead to symptoms causing lower back pain. In order to avoid long-term health issues, identifying and immediately getting these issues treated is very crucial. 

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