We’re Kid Friendly & Family Focused

Welcome! We’re Borealis Wellness Clinic Located in Medford, Wisconsin. We’re experts in listening to our clients and striving towards solutions for wellness for both the individuals and the communities we serve. Our primary focus is on serving families with young children and moms-to-be. We believe that chiropractic care should be more than just a frequent adjustment. Dr. Sam focuses on preventative care and addresses one’s overall lifestyle, nutrition, and environment because our goal is to get you well and living your life to the fullest! Our clinic offers Physiotherapy as part of our holistic approach to overall wellness which includes massage, heat treatment, and exercises rather than drugs or surgery. We believe food is medicine and our bodies are the true experts at fixing themselves with the right care and fuel.


Samuel Klinner D.C.

My first experience with Chiropractic was at this very clinic. I was injured while snowboarding and very much in pain, I was also nervous about what was going to happen. I was skeptical about whether or not Chiropractic could even help; little did I know it would change my life forever. Now I am a Doctor at this very clinic, and I have the good fortune of changing other people’s lives every day!

After my first experience with Chiropractic, I was amazed at the changes it made. I ended up talking with Dr. Tessendorf about how he had gotten involved in Chiropractic. He encouraged me to look into it; I began to shadow other Chiropractors, as well as Physical Therapists and Medical Doctors. After running the gamut of care providers, I decided to change majors and pursue a career in the health sciences.

Through my scholastic coursework, I learned a great deal about how we as humans function; anatomy and physiology are intimately related. Chiropractic was the only profession that seemed to really embrace this relationship. My decision was made, and here I am! I truly love what I do and how much it can help people when they allow themselves to give it a try. We humans are so lucky to have such amazing bodies, capable of performing amazing feats and healing all on our own.

A Little About Me

Outside of the clinic I enjoy outdoor recreation, I spend my leisure time hunting, fishing, backpacking, biking and kayaking. I make it a point to ‘play’ as much as I can. I have made it a priority to enjoy my time off as much as my time on the job. Work to live, don’t live to work or you’ll have problems.

Healthy Habits

No one is perfect. Not Olympic athletes, not professional trainers, not doctors. Everyone does things they shouldn’t do in regards to their health and I am no exception. I do, however, try to lead by example as often as I can.

Eating right and exercising are funny things because they mean different things to different people. Eating like your parents did might not be right for you. Your parents now have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and no fashion sense. Your great-great-great grandparents probably had the right idea though, they ate their veggies!!!

Vegetables and fruits are good for you. Organic fruits and veggies are even better! Eat them! Eat them in a box. Eat them with a fox. Eat them on the rocks!!!

Exercise is an amazing thing. Our bodies CRAVE it. It helps to raise our metabolism, lowers our stress levels, boosts our confidence, increases our intelligence and allows us to wear the trendiest work-out clothes. DO IT!!! The American Medical Association recommends that the average adult get 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise each week. That is 30 minutes each day. I am no rocket surgeon, but I think we could stand to do a bit more than that!

I Look Forward to Meeting You

You must be suffering eye-strain by now? If you’ve gotten this far, I applaud you. You have learned a little about me and what I think, but what do you think? What inspires you? How will you take charge of your health and wellness? How can I help?

At Borealis Wellness Clinic LLC, we treat patients, not disease; this allows our patients to make the crucial decisions in their own healthcare. We may make suggestions along the way, but ultimately it is up to you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to get the results you deserve. We’ll just try our best to push you in the right direction! Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

Yours in health,

Dr. Klinner

The staff and care at Borealis Wellness Clinic is outstanding, I would recommend it to all!
— A very satisfied customer
I cannot recommend the staff and Dr. Sam enough! They gave me the best care and are always friendly and welcoming.
— Mrs. Hahn
“I have been seeing Dr. Sam since I had back trouble 2 years ago. I have been doing maintenance every 6-8 weeks and have been feeling great. I have an 8 month old daughter who was favoring one leg and having bowel movement problems, and decided to have Dr. Sam take a look at her. After one adjustment she went home and had a B.M. and also took off crawling that night. (She was starting to crawl, but would get up on all fours and drop back down, like it was uncomfortable). She is now all over the place and very regular. The staff and care at Borealis Wellness Clinic is outstanding, I would recommend it to all!”
— A Very Satisfied Customer
I would recommend Dr. Sam to anyone looking for Chiropractic help. He has helped me so much after the injury to my back. He has kept me mobile and gives great advice to keep me healthy. I personally think Dr. Sam Klinner is great!
— Lauri Rohland
Dr. Sam and his entire team are amazing people. They truly put the patient’s well-being first and work well with schedules and individual patient’s needs. I would recommend Dr. Sam to any and all people that are looking for genuine chiropractic care.
— Tammy Olson

What To Expect with Dr. Sam

Your First Chiropractic Visit


On your first visit, come prepared to spend some time talking with us about your specific complaints and your overall health. You can expect to spend 45 min to a 1 hr total on our first visit.

After a thorough history, neurological and orthopedic exams, that are specific to your complaints, will be performed. Digital x-rays may be taken depending on your presentation and health history. Once all of the pertinent information is gathered, Doctor Sam Klinner will begin assessing your condition. Typically the first office visit is the time of the first Chiropractic adjustments are performed.

Your Second Visit

Going over your and fine-tuning.

After all of the information is assessed by Doctor Sam Klinner, a report-of-findings will be given. At this point, it is the patient's responsibility to ask questions, voice opinions and ultimately decide whether or not to begin Chiropractic care.

A care plan is devised and then explained to the patient. Recommendations are made and it becomes the patient's responsibility to adhere to the recommendations. If, after an assessment, the Doctor decides that the patient is not a candidate for chiropractic care, the Doctor will ask the patient if they would like to be referred elsewhere.

If co-management is necessary, Doctor Sam Klinner will recommend the type of care necessary and make the appropriate referrals. It is the patient's responsibility to follow through with all aspects of their custom-tailored care plan.

Pediatric and Family Wellness Care

Untreated Childhood Injuries have Lasting Effects

Life comes at you quickly, injuries can happen at any age and often go untreated, getting worse silently over time. Many of the health problems that we deal with as adults are the direct result of past injuries that have worsened over time. We all know that getting quick and effective treatment in adulthood speeds up healing and allows for better function; the same is true for kids.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care can Help


Birth trauma, frequent falls as a toddler, or sports injuries are common problems that are treated safely and effectively with specific Chiropractic adjustments. Delicate techniques are used with infants and toddlers, to restore range-of-motion to injured joints, restore nervous system integrity, and ultimately allow for better healing. Getting your child checked by a Chiropractor is essential if you suspect they are suffering from an injury or ailment. Pediatric Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to ensure the health and wellness of your most precious family members.

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