Megan Thompson D.C.

I grew up in the small town of Pittsville, WI, and graduated from Pittsville High School in 2007. From there, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Biology and graduated in 2011. I knew that I wanted to be in the healthcare field and utilize my degree, but was uncertain about which path to take. After working for 3 years and getting hands on patient care as a certified nursing assistant, I remembered how chiropractic had influenced not only me, but also my family. My dad sustained a disc injury while out in the woods turkey hunting during my childhood. It was a debilitating injury and the medical doctors wanted to do surgery. He chose to see his chiropractor and went to physical therapy as well. He was able to make an excellent recovery and return to his factory job where mobility is imperative. Not too long after, I was thrown off my horse resulting in persistent back pain at 12 years old which led to my first chiropractic experience. Due to these positive and influential chiropractic experiences, I decided to pursue a career that allows me to promote self-healing, true health care, and improve the quality of life of patients in my new community.

In my free time, I try to be outside as much as I can. I enjoy hiking with my husband and Boston terrier Theo, camping and fishing with family, and soaking up as much sun as Wisconsin will give us. In the winter, I love walking through the beautiful woods and snowboarding when I get the chance. Wisconsin has always and will always be my home, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to come back and serve this community.

I am very pleased with Dr. Megan. I was hesitant to switch chiropractors, due to my previous chiropractor retiring but was pleasantly surprised with the results.
— Chris Younker
I am very pleased with my care. Dr. Megan is very thorough and her interest is sincere in my living is pain-free life.
— C.B.
Megan does a great job of helping with my needs in a personal and effective way!
— Jessica Sweda
Dr. Megan is the most caring chiropractor I have been to. She really gets to know you and gets to the source of your problems. I would recommend her to everyone.
— Summer Ponrek

What To Expect with Dr. Thompson

Your First Chiropractic Visit

On your first visit, come prepared to spend some time talking with us about your specific complaints and your overall health. You can expect to spend 45 min to a 1 hr total on our first visit.

After a thorough history, neurological and orthopedic exams, that are specific to your complaints, will be performed. Digital x-rays may be taken depending on your presentation and health history. Once all of the pertinent information is gathered, Doctor Megan Thompson will begin assessing your condition. Typically the first office visit is the time of the first Chiropractic adjustments are performed.

Your Second Visit

Going over your care plan and fine-tuning.

After all of the information is assessed by Doctor Megan Thompson, a report-of-findings will be given. At this point, it is the patient's responsibility to ask questions, voice opinions and ultimately decide whether or not to begin Chiropractic care.

A care plan is devised and then explained to the patient. Recommendations are made and it becomes the patient's responsibility to adhere to the recommendations. If, after an assessment, the Doctor decides that the patient is not a candidate for chiropractic care, the Doctor will ask the patient if they would like to be referred elsewhere.

If co-management is necessary, Doctor Megan Thompson will recommend the type of care necessary and make the appropriate referrals. It is the patient's responsibility to follow through with all aspects of their custom-tailored care plan.


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