What To Expect


Your First Chiropractic Visit

On your first visit, come prepared to spend some time talking with us about your specific complaints and your overall health. After a thorough history, neurological and orthopedic exams, that are specific to your complaints, will be performed. Digital x-rays may be taken depending on your presentation and health history. Once all of the pertinent information is gathered, the Doctor will begin assessing your condition.


Your Second Visit

After all of the information is assessed by the Doctor, a report-of-findings will be given. At this point it is the patients responsibility to ask questions, voice opinions and ultimately decide whether or not to begin Chiropractic care.

A care plan is devised and then explained to the patient. Recommendations are made and it becomes the patients responsibility to adhere to the recommendations. If, after an assessment, the Doctor decides that the patient is not a candidate for Chiropractic care, the Doctor will ask the patient if they would like to be referred elsewhere.

Typically the second office visit is the time of the first Chiropractic adjustments are performed. If co-management is necessary, the Doctor will recommend the type of care necessary and make the appropriate referrals. It is the patients responsibility to follow through with all aspects of their custom-tailored care plan.

A Typical Office Visit

A typical office visit tends to be quite short when compared to the initial visit. The patient is usually asked what they have noticed since the last visit.

The Doctor will then begin the Chiropractic assessment, which involves motion-palpation of the spinal bones and muscles. Muscle testing and other diagnostics may be performed if necessary. Adjustments are then rendered and the patient is recommended to return according to their progress and initial care plan. If progress is not seen after a few visits, a re-evaluation is conducted and the patient may be referred to another healthcare provider.

Nutritional advice, stress management tips, stretches and exercises are also commonly recommended to increase the effectiveness of care and ultimately speed up the healing process. Adhering to the advice makes all the difference.

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